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North-east Majorca – a picturesque landscape

The north-east of Majorca has become the top region in recent years in terms of property. It includes cities such as Arta, Capdepera, Canyamel and Colonia de Sant Pere. Because of its original landscape, which clearly distinguishes the north-east of the island from other regions, it appears more and more frequently on exclusive TV shows that show the homes of the rich and famous. Yet it is not overcrowded with tourists, which makes it even more attractive. This consequently means that the real estate in this region is highly sought after. Despite this fact, we are proud to present you with our extensive product portfolio.

The island of Majorca should be imagined as split into three parts. In the north-west, the Tramuntana mountain range stretches across the full width of the island, while the south and south-west regions are heavily agricultural. The capital city, Palma de Mallorca, and the majority of hotels can also be found here. The north-east is completely different, which for the most part has unspoilt fishing villages, like for example the village of Cala Ratjada, too faraway for many tourists for them to head there as a holiday destination. However, those that opt for a villa, an estate or an apartment in that region shall by no means be local. This is because both the capital city and the international airport of Majorca can be reached within 50 minutes by the Ma-15 motorway. This elegant compromise between seclusion and proximity is the reason for the standard of living in towns like Cala Ratjada or Arta being so high.

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