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Real estate in Cala Ratjada: Living in “Skate bay”

Living in Cala Ratjada is something very different. This is clear when one looks out at the idyllic, 17th century, artificial harbour, which is the most fishing harbour today after the port of Palma. Because the name of this village, which has some 6,200 inhabitants living there, are caught in this bay, especially skates. Another unusual feature is the “young” age of the village. Because this, as was mentioned above, was founded by the inhabitants of the Capdepera settlement as a harbour in the 17th century, and since the time of its founding its prestige and importance has steadily increased.
Nowadays, locations living on a peninsula are much sought-after spots among those that are trying to find properties in the north-east of the island, because not only is Cala Ratjada picturesque, its surrounding area is too: In fact, to the east of the town is the now famous villa of the banker, Juan March, who had his villa surrounded by a marvellous garden (March Gardens). For many years, this garden has been home to a fascinating, permanent exhibition with various sculptures, which, among others, include Henry Moore and Auguste Rodin.

Good transport links for your property in Cala Ratjada

Those living in Cala Ratjada can benefit from excellent transport links. Whether you opt for a villa or an estate in or around Cala Ratjada: Transport connections are very fast from the international airport on the island (an hour’s drive on the Ma-15) or, if you wish, visit the neighbouring island of Menorca. There is an express ferry running from Cala Ratjada, which manages the trip over to Menorca in a swift 75 minutes. If you have left your car at home, then there is an excellent train service between the small coastal village and Manacor.
If you have further questions on public transport then make use of our comprehensive consultation service! As part of our service, we always clarify such important details with you when it comes to luxury properties. Our objective is not just to sell or rent property. We have established a goal for our team that our tenants and buyers take pleasure in their rented or purchased property for many years, and even forever. And this philosophy is sacred to us, even if you are just looking to rent a property, a flat or apartment.

Comprehensive product portfolio for properties in Cala Ratjada and surrounding area

Have we awoken your interest in the village of Cala Ratjada and its surrounding area? Excellent! Our team of experts would be pleased to advise you in more detail about the product portfolio. That is why a consultation meeting is free and available at any time, its sole purpose being to introduce you to our services. As we have been operating in Majorca for many years and know the market well. We know which regions are stable for market investments and which are not. You can therefore rest assured that your villa, house or apartment is a good investment that pays off in the long term.
What do you want the most? A larger estate or a very modern luxury property? No problem! We are well positioned especially in the premium segment and can offer this as a portfolio. That is why a luxury property does not always mean a highly modern glass palace to us: We also appreciate the picturesque, traditional estate, which fit in well with their appearance in the surroundings. We also like to show you in the context of a face-to-face meeting, to attend mostly historic properties that, on the inside, have the latest amenities and furnishings – including, of course, top modern and efficient air conditioning. Or is it of particular importance to you to have a large pool? We are happy to advice you about these matters and help you to consider what best fits your requirements.

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