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Real estate in Arta – properties in prime locations

Many clients that are interested in a house or their own apartment, looking specifically for luxury real estate in Arta. Although this small town with just 7,300 inhabitants is still an insider’s secret in ranking small international towns, we of course are not surprised. As Arta is one of the most beautiful municipalities in all of Majorca. This makes it all the more difficult to find the most suitable villa, estate or apartment in a prime location. As a result of the very high demand and the relatively low number of properties available, it makes it difficult to get a slice of the property market.

So should you be interested in a dream home in this area, then talk to our team of experts. As we have already been present on the Mallorcan property market for many years and have sufficient knowledge of the region, we have been able to secure properties in the best locations, before anyone else had the chance to do so. As a result, we can currently offer you a portfolio which, on the one hand, has something for every budget and, on the other hand, only consists of those properties that met our strictest standards. And this applies equally to clients that want to buy and to clients that want to rent.

A place of culture and well-being – experience Arta up close

The town of Arta not only summons peaceful living! Those who live here can also enjoy the wide cultural offer of the town. The small town has a modern and admirable theatre, which was first opened in 2001. The Regional Museum offers a detailed insight into the history of Majorca, including the time when the island belonged to the Roman Empire. Nevertheless, the three definitive highlights of the municipality are the festival in honour of St. Anthony, the feasts of St. Anthony of Padua and the Saints’ days. The former is held every year on 13 June and originally celebrates the apricot harvest, while the latter worshipped the Patron Saint of the village, St. Salvador. This festival is very extensively designed, specifically for three consecutive days in August.
Anyone who lives in Arta in a luxury property, in addition to gaining a better quality of life compared with life in a small German town near a motorway, has the chance to immerse themselves in the culture and to be a part of it.

Finding a dream property in Arta

The tranquil town of Arta in the north-east of Majorca, with some 7,400 inhabitants, is one of the most beautiful on the island. This is not only because Arta has retained its original character and is not taken over by tourists. The beauty of Arta is primarily explained by its very uniform overall appearance. Banished from Arta are districts that are deemed as ugly or those areas that are deliberately trimmed to look modern. Instead one finds a harmonious and self-contained city, which is dominated by the Sanctuary of San Salvador, from where there is an excellent view of the city. Owning a villa or house in this area is already something special, purely for the fact that it is part of this beautiful settlement.
Whoever lives in Arta not only lives in a relaxing setting, but also has a broad cultural offer available to them. The town’s Regional Museum, which directly adjoins the historic town hall, one of the finest regional museums on the islands, and it offers exhibitions on both the history of Majorca and the Roman period, at which time the island was an important centre for the stone trade. After all, the Romans ran a large quarry here.

Are you looking for a property in Arta? Then get in touch with us!

Are you on the hunt for a house, a villa or an estate in or around Arta, but you are lacking in experience in buying property? Then give us a call and let our team of experts advise you. We already have long-standing experience operating on the Mallorcan property market. Over the years we have specialised in luxury property and moreover, we maintain good contact with the local banks and are not only a friendly team, but also competent contact persons. And this is not only true if you are deciding to buy a property.

If you have already decided, either with your family or alone, that you want to move to Arta in the north-east of Majorca, then we will happily offer you advice on-site. Let us show you our product portfolio calmly and in person. This allows you the chance to see the houses or villas in person and subsequently to get a better feel for them.

Even if you are looking to rent a property, like an apartment, we would be happy to help you. Of course we know how challenging it can be to find your dream home in a dreamy small town like Arta, because of the limited number of vacant properties that are available. That is why we are proud to offer a broad product portfolio, which leaves you with plenty of choice, even if it may be an apartment in a small and tranquil town.

Properties in Atra – the perfect blend of culture and relaxation

If the inhabitants of Atra are asked what it is that they love about their town the most, the majority will reply with one of two things: culture and tranquillity. Because, in fact, the peaceful town of Atra is surrounded by greenery, which is dominated by lush bushes, dwarf palms and an array of flowers. Due to the numerous narrow streets and roads, the traffic in Arta is quite limited. Unlike larger cities, there is no traffic-related noise at all.

On the other hand, Arta is well-known for its plentiful cultural offer: This not only includes the market, but also the nationwide famous festival of San Antonio, in which the inhabitants celebrate the victory over the devil and dance around a large devil figure. This festival takes place every January (16 and 17 January) and attracts many visitors from the surrounding cities. For nature lovers, the caves of Arta can be found just outside the town.

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