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Interesting properties in Canyamel

We admit: It is not easy to find a free property for Majorca in Canyamel. Because of its location, the merely 422 inhabitants, clearly belong to the “gems” of the island. This is not only because of the very neat appearance of the place, but also because of its dreamy location in the east of Majorca. Namely its picturesque sandy beach that gently slopes out towards the sea and, above all, the tourists that frequent it. And despite the numerous hotels in the west of the town, the place is a popular tourist destination but yet it is not overcrowded with tourists. For those tourists that prefer to go on holiday to Canyamel, they don’t just come for the sea, but primarily because of the perfectly kept golf course in the north.

The same is also true for all those that are interested in a villa or an apartment in Canyamel: Many are looking for a place where they can spend their free time playing golf or tennis. The place is even well-known for its numerous tennis courts. With year-round mild weather in this ideal location, all types of sport are possible. Buyers, who incidentally opt for a flat or a house in Canyamel, usually find this in the eastern part of the locality. Because Canyamel is separated by a torrent, a river bed, which transports rain water from the interior of the island to the sea, if it has rained a lot.

Living in Canyamel: Reaping the benefits of both worlds

Because of this spatial division of the place by means of the riverbed, the town can also notionally be split into two worlds. The tourist hotels – all of them rely on sophisticated tourism! – settle down in the west of the locality, whilst in the east it is quiet, and above all luxury properties like villas and estate feature. Therefore, if you prefer living to the east or the west, neither decision is wrong, because tranquillity and entertainment come together perfectly in the locality. Those who opt for a property with a pool can spend the morning with a few lengths in the water, then play some tennis, play a round of golf in the afternoon and entertain in the west in the evening. Canyamel offers you all of these advantages.

Is it harder to find the right property in a small locality?

In fact, it tends to be so that the offer found in small localities like Canyamel is limited, because generally fewer properties are available to rent or to buy. Of course we are happy to help you further with your requirements. A personal consultation is recommended in order to best understand what these are. The next time that you are in Majorca and you would like to be shown properties in person, then arrange an appointment with our friendly team of experts and we can advise you. It goes without saying that such a consultation is not binding and is provided solely for informative purposes.
Of course we know that villas, estates and houses are sought-after in small localities (quite simply, because small localities promise more peace and quiet and relaxation) and so we have endeavoured to include such highly demanded properties in our portfolio. You will soon discover that we do not only have a few, but several interesting properties, from which you can choose freely. We can say with great pride that each property is in a sought-after region, which is characterised not only by its broad cultural and entertainment activities, but also by the high price stability of its houses, flats and plots of land. Therefore, whoever opts for one of our properties shall still have years of enjoyment in which they will not regret their decision.

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