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Locality of Son Servera: Real estate in prime location

Would you like to know more about a luxury property in Son Servera? Then you can’t go wrong with us. The separate municipality of Son Servera includes popular and exclusive places like Cala Millor and Port Nuo, which are in great demand on the property market in Majorca. And precisely because of the very high demand for apartments and houses in the premium segment, the real estate in this region is extremely stable. Therefore, it is not only a better quality of life that is gained by moving the centre of life to Majorca – albeit temporarily – but also a worthwhile investment.
Nevertheless, interested buyers may soon be lost in the large offer of real estate, especially when they do not know the market and do not know what to look out for. Turn to our team of experts for help in your buying decision. Because not only have we been operating for years on the property market, but above all here on the Mallorcan market. We maintain good contacts with the local population and banks. As a result, we not only know which places are called for right now and in the future as well as making recommendations for exclusive clients, but we can also make you attractive offers, to help your dream to soon become reality.

Immerse yourself in the culture of Majorca with a property in Son Servera

San Servera has so much to offer culturally – and therefore not only are churches steeped in tradition, like the church of Sant Joan Bautista, the bell tower of which temporarily acts as a defence tower. The markets that are frequently held, like for example the town market of Son Servera, form an integral part of the Mallorcan culture. Festivals such as the festival of Sant Joan, which is the feast of the sun and is celebrated on the solstice of 24 June, or the festival of Sant Antonio, in which the victory over the devil is celebrated, are regional in terms of their popularity and are visited from Spaniards from the mainland.

Therefore, whoever owns land, a house or an apartment in this region, finds themselves offered with an unparalleled cultural offer. This certainly includes the varied regional museum, which presents diverse exhibitions from Monolithic culture, early history and Roman times, inviting you to marvel at what you find. Just because you have decided to temporarily buy or rent a country house or villa, does not mean that you have to experience idleness each day. The region of Son Servera is an exciting place of culture and entertainment all year round.

Your reliable partner for luxury real estate in Son Servera

Owning a home in the Son Servera region is a dream for many. We make sure that your dream is quick to come true. Of course on this market there is a greater demand than supply, which on the one hand is partly due to the many hours of sunshine, and on the other hand is also attributable to the said cultural offer and the excellent transport links. Because in just an hour you can reach the Palma de Mallorca airport, and in only 75 minutes you can travel to Menorca on the express ferry. So that the purchase of a suitable property does not prove to be a nightmare, it would be best that you contact us. First of all, we have a large portfolio so that we can offer you a large interesting selection of choices, and secondly we are a very reliable partner, that can offer you comprehensive and competent advice.

If we have awoken your interest, then give us a call today. Our Team will be happy to hear from you. On request we can arrange a personalised consultation, in which it is possible to look at several properties and personally commit to any. This means that you can judge the properties much better and with more certainty than if you had just seen photos. It is of course true that we will happily answer any questions you may have and take enough time for you.

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