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Exclusive properties in Port Andratx

Luxury properties in and around Port Andratx have strong appreciation potential and are very sought-after on the property market. The region just west of Majorca was discovered in recent years by sophisticated buyers, not least due to the picturesque scenery and the traditionally, yet well-maintained, ports. Here at Rodemann & Wood we are not only luxury real estate agents, but much more than we are proud of our excellent reputation in the region and of our broad product portfolio. Both are important to obtain the high level of our service. This is because good communication with the local authorities and clients simplifies many processes and ultimately contributes towards their satisfaction. Our competent team offers services to advise you in our numerous properties, like villas, holiday homes, estates or flats.

Product portfolio and properties

Our product portfolio does not only include properties that are available in Andratx. Whether you are looking for a property like the La Mola villa or a luxury villa in Andratx (here we mean the village, not the harbour), we can help you further with our expertise. Or are you more interested in the immediate vicinity and want to buy a house in Camp de Mar? Get in touch with us and discover our range of available properties! It is of course the case that our consultations are free of charge and obligation free and are purely intended to offer you guidance. We know that buying luxury property in Majorca can be stressful, with its high demand and limited availability, and therefore it is our intention to relieve you of all the unpleasant steps so that buying your property in Port Andratx is as convenient and simple as possible.

Your real estate agent for Port Andratx

The region around Andratx, including Port Andratx, is not only one of the most sought-after regions in luxury real estate, but it is also very sparsely populated. The region covers 81.5 square kilometres, but is home to only 10,806 inhabitants, or converted, this equates to just 133 inhabitants per square kilometre. Whether you opt for a villa in Andratx, or in Camp de Mar: You always have the sea in the immediate vicinity, while also benefiting from the countless culinary delights of restaurants and cafés. The region has a lot to offer and great variety. So go jogging in the morning by the sea, enjoy a fresh fish lunch then a delicious cappuccino in the afternoon. Incidentally, 11.9% of all the foreigners living in the region are German. We would be happy to provide you with information about the availability of luxury properties in the region!

Invest in properties with a strong appreciation potential

In times of low interest rates and stock market fluctuations, investing in real estate is sensible in Port Andratx as a way to effectively protect your assets. In the case of luxury properties, you can still enjoy it! Would you like to protect your assets and prevent any gradual deterioration from occurring? Then the real estate agents here at Rodemann & Wood are your ideal partners.
As luxury real estate agents we already have years of experience in this field and can distinguish between the properties with strong appreciation potential. It just so happens that you will only find properties in our portfolio that have been deemed as sought-after properties for years to come. This fact is also backed by our clients’ satisfaction, even after years of collaborating with us.

Do you fancy viewing some luxury properties in Majorca?

As luxury real estate agents we always take plenty of time for our clients. If you already live locally, you need do no more than arrange an appointment with our competent team. We can show you as many properties as you like. In terms of the length of the viewings, we are happy to fit in with you. We know that buying a luxury property is a careful consideration and requires a great deal of thought in all respects. That’s why, here at Rodemann & Wood, we have an outstanding reputation and are among the most preferred luxury estate agents on the island. Even if you are only looking to rent a house or a flat, we can help you with anything that you need.

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