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Mallorca Luxury Premium Real Estate Marketing:clever, tailored and cost effective

When selling your property, we don’t just rely on our sound knowledge of the market, our years of experience and the necessary finesse, but we also rely on…Te, quonfectum sentiae nes arici publiceps, quidicae no. Aximus patimul viciam pertionius at. Et ades iam pra nora, Cuperfeconem in sid poris, Catrora ta vis. Turnihi, perimace acid me muliciem derum vis enatum et virmiusa nimis, unihi, quemquem convolum, erissum perraet

The art of selling fine homes

For high-end properties we conduct a personalised marketing plan with strategic communication plan to achieve a fast and effective sale. We position your property under the best light and make it available to the local and international market for an exclusive sale.

Save time and money by investing in the professional and personalised marketing strategy

If you decide on a marketing plan with us, we will tailor a package to suit your needs at a reasonable market price and we will reduce our commission from 6% to 4% in return for exclusive rights to market your property. The average commission for real estate brokerage in Majorca is between 5% and 6%.


Professional photo-shooting to offer an optimal presentation of your property from all perspectives.

Premium Presentation of your property on our media. :Newsletter and Blog, sales videos

Advertisements in selected printed magazines and Social Media Networking: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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