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Our Mallorca FENG SHUI concept


Our motto “The Art of Living” refers not only to finding a beautiful and appropriate property for you, but also to a whole lifestyle and quality of life you should be able to experience in your new home.

Susanne Rodemann, certified Feng shui consultant and Managing director at Kensington International Pollensa is our expert in Feng Shui – Chinese teachings on harmony –As a certified Feng shui consultant, Susanne will introduce balance to your new home. Whether building, reforming or redesigning the interior of your property, we are at your service to help you design your new living and working environment harmoniously.

For for our vendors: our property listings which have been aligned & balanced to match the principals of Feng Shui by Susanne, did sell much faster and for close to asking price.

Please ask our office for further information: +34 971 533 323

What is Feng Shui for properties in Mallorca?

Feng Shui (which translated means wind and water) is a philosophy and ancient art aiming at achieving a balance between the people and their environment. People who engage in this art understand the strong link between what is seen – our environment – and the unseen – the energy flowing.

Feng shui is by far one of the most effective ways to promote your property. We apply the principales of Feng shui on our exclusive property listings. We optimize our exclusive properties using our Feng Shui concept in order to generate an optimal energy flow in the living environment. With this concept we attrack potential buyers at a far deeper level.

Ask our expert Susanne Rodemann ( Managing Director and Franchisee of Kensington International ) for your personal Feng Shui design. We will be happy to help you fill your home with positive energy.

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