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Feng Shui and Home Staging applied to property sales in Mallorca

The motto of "The Art of Living" is not just about finding a beautiful property for you, but also encompasses a whole lifestyle and quality of life that you can experience in your new home.

One of the services and greater added value that we offer at Mallorca Luxury Property is the application of Feng Shui and Home Staging to sell properties, making the experience of visiting the properties we sell unforgettable and more attractive.

Our Feng Shui / Home Staging service in Mallorca is precisely in charge of improving the image of a property for future buyers or landlords. This work, carried out by Susanne, consists of preparing and reorganising the space of the property.

Did you know that a potential buyer makes the decision to buy a property in seconds, depending on how they feel and what their subconscious is telling them?

A buyer has to feel that the property they are visiting could be their new home. And every buyer must be able to imagine themselves living there, because the feeling they experience when they first walk in will be a decisive factor in the moment of purchase.

Susanne through Feng Shui and Home Staging applied to the property seeks to clear, organise and harmonise the space by highlighting the strengths and minimising the flaws.

Therefore, if you are looking to rent or sell a flat as soon as possible, Feng Shui / Home Staging is your best resource.

At Mallorca Luxury Property our main mission is to assist in the property transaction, through a professional service characterised by personalised treatment, transparency and trust.

100% of our clients have sold their properties using our Feng Shui and Home Staging  Principles.

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How does Feng Shui work?

Feng Shui and Home Staging is by far one of the most effective ways to promote your property.

With Feng Shui and Home Staging we try to turn the property into a cosy, neutral and depersonalised place so that, on each visit, there is the possibility of selling the property.

With Feng Shui and Home Staging we want the client who is interested in buying your property to get the best possible impression, a better vision and concept of the possibilities offered by the property.

The idea through Feng Shui and Home Staging applied to the property is to give the buyer a substantial improvement in the perception of the property and that is transformed into a greater desire to buy the property.

When you sell your home, you want the whole process to flow quickly. And it would be nice if the person who buys your home falls in love with it immediately.

Making your home look as attractive as possible is one thing. But, especially in the buyer's market, it is much better if you can appeal to potential buyers on a much deeper level. Applying the principles of Feng Shui and Home Staging to the property will help you achieve this.

When I finish my work, positive energy will enter the front door and flow smoothly through your home at a steady pace.
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home staging mallorca home staging pollensa

mallorca luxury property

Susanne's input, undoubtedly aided by her experience as a Feng Shui property specialist, made a huge difference in the finishing touches on the house.

Tobias Vogel
mallorca luxury property

We have no hesitation in recommending Susanne to anyone looking to sell their property using feng shui principles.

Tim and Louise Bushell
mallorca luxury property

I would really recommend that anyone looking for a quick sale of their property ask Susanne how to make the most of their home using feng shui.

Klaus Wiegandt
mallorca luxury property

I made the changes and immediately the entrance to the apartment was more attractive and the place looked cleaner, more comfortable and more balanced.

Maria José Sanchez

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